Strange And Creepy Random 10 Gothic Black Flowers You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

10 Gothic Black Flowers You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

10 Gothic Black Flowers You Won’t Believe Actually Exist post thumbnail image

The Goth Garden

In nature, flowers pop up in just about any color you can think of except black. The problem is that the pigments that flowers push out to color their petals simply just don’t produce black. However,  flowers can be developed and one of the earliest ones developed was a black tulip. Since then there have been a lot of variations of black flowers that have been created, some include varieties of Black Rose, Viola, and Hyacinth.

Since black flowers are so extremely unique in their appearance, they add an instant intrigue to an arrangement or bouquet. Not to mention if you have a garden, how cool would it be to have a section with different types of black flowers?


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  • Can I Grow Black Flowers?

    Yes you can, but depending on where you are your results will vary. You should search by your growing zone to see how well they will grow and what types will grow better than others. For those of who want to grow black roses, you’re out of luck. They do come in a very dark shade or red, maroon or purple. But just growing plain black roses in your garden isn’t possible for the average gardener.

    Here are black flowers you probably didn’t know exists!

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