New ‘Conjuring House’ Owner Isn’t Allowed To Live There Year Round Because The Energy Is Too Powerful

The Conjuring House Has A New Owner

The iconic infamous Rhode Island farmhouse where terrifying things happen and was also the inspiration for the 2013 movie “The Conjuring” once again has a new owner. Back in 2019 a family who are also paranormal investigators purchased the property in hopes of opening it to paranormal researchers and investigators.

The house is supposedly haunted by Bathsheba Sherman, a woman who lived in the house in the 1800’s. There were rumors that she was a powerful witch and cursed the land and the house. Since then there has been a lot of paranormal incidents that have happened inside of the house. Numerous people have claimed to have witnessed some pretty terrifying things.

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The Conjuring house was listed for $1.2 million dollars and was bought by a Boston developer that has a close connection with the paranormal. The buyer feels some kind of connection to the house and when they visited the house, they knew they had to have it.

Nunez told the Globe the following:
“I’m a deeply spiritual person. It’s a very important part of me,”. “I believe we are conscious beings having a human experience, and that our consciousness continues on, we are here to learn things in our lifetime and help our species evolve morally and culturally. This house is an opportunity to connect with people who’ve moved on and died, that’s the interactivity here and the engagement with the people who have passed.”

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The Worlds Most Haunted House

It’s also been reported that the buyer of the house paid about 27% higher than the asking price. It seems as if the buyer is somewhat connected or being called to the house. Hopefully this doesn’t end bad and turns into another horror movie. Usually when a house with such a terrifying past calls out to someone, it’s not for a good reason.

The house does come with one rule, the buyer cannot live in it year round. The energy within the house is too powerful and the current owners think it’s too much for one person. Could the energies be powerful enough to hurt the living?

“I don’t believe the energy here is malevolent. Things will happen here that will startle me, but not harm me. I look forward to experiencing things,” Nuñez told the Globe.

Source – The Globe

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