Strange And Creepy Strange and Unexplained The Found Footage Horror Movie Where 80% Of The Movie Is True!

The Found Footage Horror Movie Where 80% Of The Movie Is True!

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Found-Footage Horror

It’s not every day we can watch a horror movie and think to ourselves “how can this be true?” The fun part of horror movies is knowing that it’s all made up. However, the found-footage 2012 horror movie ” The Bay” is apparently is 80% real according to the director Barry Levinson.

The Blair Witch Project was the start of the found-footage phenomena back in 1999. Ever since then there have been a lot of adaptations of found footage horror. “The Bay” is a similar style of movie, however with a realistic feel and vibe to it. It takes place in the tourist town of Chesapeake Bay on the 4th of July. People in the town start experiencing some rather terrifying and strange symptoms. Some profusely vomit blood, while others are covered with boils. It’s all due to chicken excrement and the nuclear waste being disposed of in the nearby waters.

The Horror Movie That Was Real

Director Barry Levinson had this to say to Yahoo back in 2012.
“I gathered the facts and thought [they were] pretty scary,” Levinson told Yahoo in 2012. “[I thought] maybe if I apply a lot of this factual information into a story, I can end up with a piece that’s suspenseful, scary, unnerving, and backed up with 80 percent factual information.” 
It’s rather terrifying that a true story could be made into a real-life horror movie. While this movie isn’t about aliens and creatures coming out of the sea. It’s what happens when people disregard safety measures and put other people’s lives at risk.

Have you seen this movie? What did you think of it and the story behind it?

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