Take A First Person Walk-through One Of The Worlds Most Haunted Tunnels

Japan’s Haunted Tunnel

Japans, Kiyotaki Tunnel is internationally famous for being one of the most haunted and creepy destinations in all of Japan. The tunnel does have a history of suicides, violence, bad omens and luck, among many other terrible things. Even the initial construction of the tunnel was a insane. The 500 meter tunnel was built by people who were FORCED into labor.

With no law the ones in charge had free reign to do what they wanted. Conditions were beyond harsh, so you have to imagine that left a negative imprint. The area around it became a haven for negative energy. Throughout the decades a lot of people have lost their lives within the vicinity.


Numerous people have reported to have seen apparitions near the entrance of the tunnel. Others have said they have witnessed traffic signals outside of the tunnel change suddenly from red to green at night, causing some pretty serious accidents. 

Could it be the ghosts?

Whatever the case may be what we do know is this place has a very creepy vibe to it. Today you are about to watch a video by Wanderers Archive as they take a silent walk from one side to the other. Would you be brave enough to do this?

Video Source – Wanderers Archive

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