Orchestra Stuck Quarantined In Haunted German Castle Surrounded By Wolves

The Haunted Castle

Being quarantined for any amount of time is hard, but being forced to be locked down in a foreign country where you have no say so is beyond worse. Imagine being an in entirely different country under lock-down. Now take it 10 steps further in the sense that you’re having to spend that time in a “haunted” castle that’s surrounded by wolves.

Sounds like the start of a horror movie don’t you agree?

This happened to a Bolivian orchestra who went to Germany just before all of the borders were closed in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The New York Posts states:

“A Bolivian pan flute orchestra has been stuck in quarantine on the grounds of a grand 15th-century palace outside of Berlin for two months. Over 20 members of the Orquesta Experimental de Instrumentos Nativos have been stuck on the grounds and buildings of Rheinsberg Palace, a castle, complete with moat, which has housed generations of German royals, according to the BBC.”

Talk about bad timing, the Pan flute orchestra arrived a day before the boards were closed, and soon after that everyone had to go under lockdown leaving the orchestra stranded in the haunted castle. The ghosts aren’t the worst part, it’s the 23 packs of wolves that surrounded the property that will cause some ears to go up.

I’m pretty sure that someone will take this and turn it into some b-rated horror flick. I mean the story behind it sounds like the start of one, I don’t think I would like to be stuck in the castle like that, then again it may be fun.

Video Source – Real ThingTV Ch2

Video Source – Jomboy & Jake TV

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@Source – New York Post

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