Pennywise Invites You To Come To Derry In This Terrifying Virtual Haunted House

Pennywise Haunted House

Horror fans, are you getting a little bored of watching non stop horror movies and want something a little more intense? How about something clown related? We found the perfect video for you. Take an insane 7 minute trip through Derry through the eyes of someone who is trying to get through alive Pennywise’s domain.


This is actual footage of the real life Hollywood haunted house. You start off at the door of the old mansion. Your guide approaches you wearing a yellow rain jacket while holding a red balloon.

Scared yet?

The entire haunted house is a macbre memory of the It movie. Imagine being in the real life world of Pennywise. Get a drink, sit back, and take some time to check this out. We will be posting a lot more of these in the near future. So if you have a suggestion, let us know in the comments section below.

Video source – SoCal Attractions 360

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    1. This house was built in Port Hope, Ontario for the purpose of the movie. They tore it down after the first movie wrapped and had to rebuild it for Chapter two. I went to visit the site while it was still being built for the second film and had a lovely chat with the man who lives next to the empty lot they used. Sadly, it was torn down again afterwards as it’s in a small town. I’m sure the interior has been used multiple times, but that was likely on a soundstage.

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