Rick Moranis May Return For “Honey I Shrunk The Kids Reboot”

So according to the DisInsider, Rick Moranis known for his roles in Honey I Shrunk The Kids and Ghostbusters is apparently in talks with Disney to come out of retirement. Disney is in talks with him to play a part in their reboot of Honey I Shrunk The Kids which will be titled “Shrunk.”

Rick Moranis took a break from working in the film industry in 1997. He showed up around Hollywood every now and then taking on some voice acting work in the animated Brother Bear films.  Moranis turned down a roll in the 2016 Ghostbuster reboot and for a very good reason. According to him he didn’t retire but rather became super selective on what movies he would be in.

We all know what a mess the 2016 Ghostbusters reboot was, so it’s a good thing he skipped out on that one. Shrunk is expected to start filming early this spring and it’s  not sure when it will be released or whether it will be released on Disney or in the theaters.

Will you be watching it?

Check out some Ricks best lines in various movies.

Video Source – Mikeface1

** Source – DisInsider

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