Strange And Creepy Haunted - United States,Haunted Hotels One Of America’s Most TERRIFYING Rooms Is Available To Rent This Halloween

One Of America’s Most TERRIFYING Rooms Is Available To Rent This Halloween

One Of America’s Most TERRIFYING Rooms Is Available To Rent This Halloween post thumbnail image

Chattanooga, Tennessee’s historic Read House was built in 1872 after the previous house built there “ The Crutchfield House” burnt down. From the get go the Read houses foundation already had seen war, death, floods, and a lot of misery. After 172 years of being open you have to think about all the residual energy that has been imprinted on the location. So many years of different emotions and feelings in one place, it’s hard to not to think something isn’t going to be left behind.

But what about room 311?

The story is that supposedly the ghost of a woman who had her throat slashed haunts the room. Numerous people have witnessed strange lights and sounds coming from the room when no one was in the room. Even worse is that when people stay the room they almost always either see, feel , or hear something while visiting.

It also seems to be that the spirit doesn’t like men, due to the fact that she was murdered by a man who can blame her. Numerous paranormal researchers have stayed in the room and have gotten some pretty interesting evidence.

One theory behind the room is that there is some spiritual portal or some kind of energy vortex In the room that gives the spirit power. Others say it’s just the fact that such a horrifying and traumatic experience that’s causing all of the paranormal stuff in room 311.

Could it be that when something like that happens it opens a gate to a dark dimension without even knowing it? For a very long time now the room has been off limits but just recently the room has been opened to the general public. But it’s on a very limited schedule so if you’re interested In staying a very haunted and creepy room….. This is your chance

Check out their site here> > READ HOUSE

Check out the videos of the Read House Hotels room 311 that we found by WDEF NEwS 12 and BeaverVision and let us know your thoughts!

Video Source – WDEF NEwS 12

Video Source – BeaverVision

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