This Haunted Asylum Is Said To Be The Most Paranormal Active Location On The East Coast

St Albans Sanatorium

The Most Haunted Location On The East Coast!

It’s been described by various paranormal groups as being THE MOST PARANORMAL  ACTIVE LOCATION ON THE EAST COAST. Those who have dared to venture there during the night say that it’s not at all for the weak of heart. They say the ghosts that are there are very aggressive and somewhat violent towards those who visit. Some visitors have been touched, pushed, and even scratched. It’s not the kind of place you would want to go in and taunt the resident spirits

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The stories of  the misfortune surrounding this asylum stretch back to a time before it was built, to a time where Native Americans and settlers alike were  being slaughtered. Constant warfare between the people left the land soaked in blood. The area was also the grounds for battles during the Civil War. There were countless lives lost in moments of pain and agony. It was almost like the area became cursed, then insert an asylum and it creates a vortex of negativity. 

The sanatorium was no picnic either; there are various stories of suicide and even a couple of murders that happened here throughout the years. There are other stories of deaths that happened on the grounds even after the place was closed. Stories of mistreatment and abuse  from the staff and patients alike. 

Check out the full story and video here

Source- County Roads Paranormal Tv – 

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  1. I remember this one well. first thought; "let me get fella to help you our" also known as 7th day, or "your birthday, special" Happy Holidays; we got some underground rumble going off and on, kinda like a roving frieght train on the sublevel, on the surface, all seems calm, i had one of those ugly calico bunnies came to stay for 3 days to sit under the jeep and stare at me through the window where I sit, I ordered some cheap plate from fritz and floyd like my trainer told me, they shipped them, the calico bunny left my domain. My love to you all.

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