The Enfield Horror – The Horrifying Creature That Scared A Community

The Enfield Horror

We’ve heard of strange creatures like the infamous Thunderbird, the monster bird that people have been seeing all over the United States. Some claim it’s a prehistoric flying dinosaur that somehow survived millions of years and still is roaming around. Others say they’ve seen a large black bird big enough to carry away a grown person. Then you have Bigfoot like creatures that have been popping up all over the world, and just recently a double sighting in Ohio. There are various other bigfoot type creatures all over the world. However, The Enfield creature is something of a different kind. 

In the early 1970’s this creature struck fear in the hearts of the residents of Enfield Illinois for a very short time period, but that’s all it took. Supposedly several witnesses encountered a strange creature, it wasn’t like anything that anyone has ever seen before, it was really odd. The creature had 3 short legs and eyes as big as flash lights, and it looked like it wasn’t from this world. Some claim it had to be alien in origin because of the reports of ufo sightings in the area. Could this creature have been some kind of alien on a mission to earth? Or could it have gotten lost and ended up being spotted by people? Other theories is that it came from another dimension or deep from within a lake.

People are reporting various creatures all over the world and not just recently either, it’s been going on for several hundreds of years, so what’s the deal? Do you think people are making these stories up, or are they actually seeing something that’s not of this world?

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SOURCE – William Defalco