This Haunted Hotel Is The Inspiration For The Movie “The Shinning”

The haunted Stanley Hotel

The Haunted Stanley Hotel

Estes Park, Colorado’s haunted Stanley hotel is an amazing sight to see from both inside and out. The location offers a breathtaking view of the mountains. It’s also the location that helped to inspire Stephen King to write his book “The Shinning”. The Stanley has its own haunted reputation, Stephen King even had a few creepy things happen to him while staying at the Stanley.

Certain parts of the movie were taken from some of the real-life haunted stories. The creepy ghostly music coming from the ballroom, strange smells and sounds. On some occasions, guests have claimed to have heard partying coming from the ballroom only to find out there’s no one there. Imagine staying in the hotel and having something like this happened to you. Even creepier would be if you just happened to watch the movie.

Colorado’s Most Haunted Hotel 

On various occasions, guests have reported having seen and heard kids playing in the hallways. Once they get close to them they simply vanish into thin air. Others have complained to the workers of kids playing at night only to find out those were probably ghosts. Some guests have reported seeing spectral entities moving within the halls late at night.

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  1. I would most definitely stay there it doesn’t seem spooky to me but to my brother he would be scared same with my mom but not my step dad

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