This Ghost Ships Last Transmission Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

The Ghost Ship

In June 1947, a ship by the name of the SS Ourang Medan went through some horrifying things. No one knows exactly what took place, but what was found was horrifying. Everyone on the ship’s deck was dead, not one living soul was found, nor any trace of how they had been killed. The creepiest part of the whole thing was the ship’s final transmission. It was a cryptic message that said everyone on board is dead, “now I die” and that was it. The scariest part of the transmission was in the manner that it was said.
An American ship named the “Silver Star” was the first on sight that fateful day. What they found was the ghost ship floating aimlessly in the water. When they boarded the decks of the Ourang Medan they found the entire crew, dead like the person in the transmission said. Could the crew have been at the mercy of some other kind of force of nature? Maybe an old spirit or water entity that caused the ship’s crew to go crazy and kill each other? Or could some of the crew have gone mad because they were out to see so long?

Check out the video of the ghost ship

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