The Halloween 60 Years Later Spoof Trailer – Prepare To Laugh!

Halloween 60 Years Later

With so many Halloween movies popping up once again fans are left wondering how many more Halloween movies are going to actually happen? I mean it took Michael 20 years to get out again, and Jaime Lee Curtis is getting any younger. I don’t think they would be able to make another movie in 20 years with any of the original cast.


So I’m sure we aren’t the only ones that were left thinking how many more? Well now we know we aren’t the only ones because of this spoof trailer that came out a long while back. I honestly think they should have gone further with this and actually created a movie out of it.

The production value was top notch and the acting was really good. They honestly did better in this small fake trailer than in some of the entire movies that have come out in the past. The trailer will have you wanting to see more when you’re done with it, it’s one of those that will have you laughing.

Would you want to see a Halloween like this?

Video source- Fuzz On Lenz

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