Harold The Doll: An Inside Look At The Horrifying True Story

Harold The Doll

When you think of a doll that supposedly wants to kill its owner you think of movies like Child’s Play. It’s the movie where a possessed doll by the name of Chucky goes around killing everyone. But you don’t expect a doll in real life to do something similar, that is until you hear about the story of Harold the doll. Now it’s not like Chucky where it can talk and walk around, but this doll is rather mysterious and terrifying all at the same time. 

Not much is known about the doll except that it was created around the turn of the century, and that there’s a rather strange aura attached to this doll. Supposedly anyone who is around this doll for an extended period of time feels some rather odd things. Some have felt extremely tired, sick, and in some cases ANGRY for no apparent reason at all. 

Could this doll be drawing its energy from people?

Supposedly Harold is responsible for the deaths of 2 people, but that hasn’t been confirmed. Could it be just another story attached to a doll that someone wanted to sell on Ebay, or could this doll be the real deal?

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