This New Serbian film ‘Vampir’ Used Actual Vampire Cases In Their Story

Actual Vampire Cases In Vampir

The Serbian film “Vampir” which was released by Arthouse Horror supposedly used actual vampire cases in their movie. This is what they told Variety about the movie and the premise behind it.

“Our film is inspired by the real vampire cases that occurred in Serbia in the early 1700s,” says Tomovic. “Those were the origin of vampires. Though Vampir is set in modern times, it’s based on those myths, superstitions and folk elements.”

After witnessing a crime in London, the main actor looks for a place to hide. He ends up working at a small cemetery in a remote village in Serbia. The man realizes something is wrong when he starts to have a lot of nightmarish dreams and visions of vampires. He ends up realizing the villagers have something sinister in plan for him. 

Check out this video post on the real land of vampires, Serbia

Video Source – Eskify

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Video Source – Unexplained Mysteries

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