You Can Still Experience Disney World’s Creepiest Rides From Your Own Couch

Disney World Virtual Ride

By now we’re all stuck at home looking for ways to keep busy for the time being. All of the fun places in the world are on complete shut down. Yup, even the Disney Parks are ghost towns right now. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t check out a couple of their creepy rides.

We thought of ways that we can help to keep you all entertained, you gave us some ideas so here you go. Check out these 2 videos of The Haunted Mansion and The Twilight Zone Of Terror. The video is a 360 interactive one, so you’ll be able to move the camera around almost as if you were like a tiny elf sitting on the person who recorded the videos shoulder.

Grab a VR headset and take the ride and it will be like you’re already there. If don’t have a VR headset for your phone then you can still watch the videos and enjoy them. What a way to relive your best memories right?

Do you have an idea for us to feature a virtual tour? Let us know your thoughts, in the meantime check out the videos and enjoy the ride!


Video Source – Virtual Disney World

The Twilight Zone Of Terror

Video Source – Virtual Disney World

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