The 21+ Zombie Themed Drink Brewed With Real Brains

A Beer Inspired By Zombies With Brains In It!

If you love craft beers or beers that some would consider exotic or hard to get, you may be interested in trying this beer. Most of you have who have had some kind of craft beer or enjoy drinking them have probably had a few that sounded a bit weird. But when it came down to it, the flavors and things used to make the beer probably will seem really normal after hearing this story.

 When you think of zombie beer you probably think of some gross mixture of brains and other slop, but in this case this beer has actual brains in it. Don’t worry they aren’t human brains but still who would want to drink a beer with brains in it? I don’t think I would like to try this out, but I guess it’s a pretty big hit. 

Would you do it?

Check out this story and prepare to be amazed or sick! 

Zombie Brain Beer 

Video Source – Hottoddity

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