Most of you have heard of the stories that happened in Amityville, New York in the 1970's. The stories about a man who went crazy and killed his entire family because he said a demon told him do it. Now ever since then there have been a ton of shows and even a few different movies around this infamous murder. An entire family was killed there so naturally people are going to say that either they or some dark force still resides within the house. 

Now there are some who say that there's nothing in the home and that whatever happened didn't leave behind any kind of residue or anything like that. But then there are those who say otherwise, and pictures like the one below give you a sense of thought that something still is in this location. Maybe it's nothing bad or maybe it's just part of the family that was murdered there, but this picture validates that there is some kind of presence within the home. 

Check out the video and share your thoughts! 



SOURCE – Paranormal Camera And Crazy Tape –

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