This Abandoned Illinois Asylum Has a Terrifyingly Creepy History

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Ashmore Estates Asylum

Hell On Earth Or Just A Story?

Illinois’s Ashmore Estates Asylum is one of those places that’s surrounded in mystery and folklore. Some say that the place is haunted beyond belief and others say that it’s all just stories and a bunch of nonsense.

Some say the stories started during the late 80’s and others say that was a little after that, whatever the case may be there are still those who say the place is very active. During that period of time there was a lot of trespassing and damage done to the building because of all of the rumors. 

Some of the tales revolved around pagan rituals and dismembered bodies, although there really isn’t any proof behind this to verify if it’s true or not. One thing is for sure though, the building is creepy and very old so it could have some spirits lurking around with its walls. Some say they’ve experienced some odd things while within Ashmore, but others say they haven’t. 

It’s been at the forefront of various paranormal investigations and even on television shows and in books. So whatever you choose to believe is up to you, but from looking at this place one thing is for sure, the place is spooky beyond all belief. 

 Video Source – Ilinoisghost 

Video source – Haunting History 

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