This Abandoned Illinois Asylum Has a Terrifying Creepy History Behind It

Hell On Earth Or Just A Story?

Illinois’s Ashmore Estates Asylum is one of those places that’s surrounded in mystery and folklore. Some say that the place is haunted beyond belief and others say that it’s all just stories and a bunch of nonsense. The stories supposedly started during the late 80’s when the asylum had a lot of trespassing and damage being done to it. The stories grew and so did the trespassing, eventually the location became a haven for rituals of various kinds. Satanists were said to run rampant during those days, there were even stories of people finding dismembered bodies. But are any of the stories true?

What is known is that there is a paranormal presence in the old asylum. Could it be the rituals conjured up something that hasn’t left? Or could it be from the negative energy that was left behind from all the years of mistreatment, sadness, and death? Some argue it’s a bit of both, others say the area itself could be responsible for all of the negative energy in the area. Whatever the case may be, we know the location is haunted and should probably be left alone. Check out the videos we found and let us know your thoughts.

 Video Source – Ilinoisghost 

Video source – Haunting History 

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  1. This is not accurate. The property opened as the Coles County Poor Farm – not a mental asylum. It only became an asylum in a later life.

  2. I would love to go and spend the night or even the weekend at Ashmore estates.  It would be a great adventure.

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