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The Black Eyed Kids

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Since the early 1980s, there have been stories of the black eyed kids circulating. Strange stories of kids dressed in odd clothes with dark black eyes. They move in strange ways and install fear in those who gaze upon them. The fear they cause is said to be beyond terrifying. No one really knows who these kids are and where they came from. Some theorize they aren’t kids at all, but creatures posing as kids.

In 2012 there was a movie inspired by the horror legend. There was also stories featured in various television shows about the black eyed kids. There are a few books on strange encounters and first-hand experiences. But what do these kids or creatures want?

Could this be real?

Check out the video by EdgeOfNightfall and see what you think.

Video Source – EdgeOfNightfall

Alien Abduction Or Paranormal Phenomenon?

There various theories that say these kids or creatures could be either alien, interdimensional beings, or something else entirely. Could they be hybrid humans mixed with some type of alien creature? No one really knows, however there are those that have had up and close experiences with these creatures. Check out this video post we found by Dave Reese Customs and let us know you rhtoughts

Video Source – Dave Reese Customs

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