Strange And Creepy Urban Legend A Creepy Look At Chicago’s Most Haunted Road – Archer Avenue

A Creepy Look At Chicago’s Most Haunted Road – Archer Avenue

A Creepy Look At Chicago’s Most Haunted Road – Archer Avenue post thumbnail image

Chicago’s Most Haunted Road

Chicago lands Archer Avenue is said to be the most haunted road in the Midwest. It’s infamous for the reoccurring accounts of the notorious ghost woman, known as resurrection mary. Locals know the area as the “ghost walk” because of the countless witness accounts of a woman who walks alone at night. Archer is right next to Resurrection cemetery which is known for being part of the stretch of the ghost’s initial walk path.

There are numerous strange and odd stories of encounters with the ghost. On one occasion a cab driver picked up the young girl only to have her vanish into thin air after driving a short distance. Others have seen her walking and when they stop she simply fades into thin air. There are various stories of how this all came to be, but there’s one that sounds like it could be true.

Chicago’s Most Haunted Road

As we delve deeper into the haunted history of Archer Road, we uncover spine-chilling tales of ghostly encounters that will send shivers down your spine. Countless witnesses have reported eerie apparitions and unexplained phenomena along this infamous stretch of road.

From shadowy figures darting across the path to disembodied voices whispering in the wind, the supernatural presence on Archer Road is undeniable. Some claim to have seen the spirits of long-deceased travelers, while others have experienced inexplicable cold spots and sudden drops in temperature. These chilling encounters serve as a haunting reminder of the restless souls that continue to roam this haunted thoroughfare

Supposedly a young girl went to a dance with her boyfriend only to get into a fight with him. She ended up walking home and was struck by a car and killed on the spot. Legend has it her parents buried her in Ressurection cemetery where she now endlessly walks up and down the street.

Could the stories be true? Check out the video post we found and let us know your thoughts!

Check out this video story about Ressurection Mary by SweetOmega

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