Strange And Creepy Strange and Unexplained An Inside Look At The Creepy Horror Themed Coffee Shop

An Inside Look At The Creepy Horror Themed Coffee Shop

An Inside Look At The Creepy Horror Themed Coffee Shop post thumbnail image

Horror Themed Coffee Shop

What better combination than to mix horror and coffee in one place. Husband and wife team Nick Sindicich and Roxana Stan first started brewing their own coffee about 15 years ago. Then they opened their first horror themed coffee shop and it took off.

Their theme is classic horror and now they have 2 locations and they are up to about 53 different unique horrific flavors. The couple is obsessed with classic horror, suspense, but not into gore. So this is the kind of place for those of you who like Frankenstein, The Mummy, and classic characters of that nature.


Each of their coffees has a frightening name associated with it. There are ones like Judgment Day chocolate mint, Spooky Empire premium dark roast, among many others.  The location doesn’t just serve coffee; they have a variety of food, desserts and treats that will satisfy any ghoul’s fiendish appetite.

They want to be known for their horror theme, but also for their service. They want people to feel comfortable and happy while in their establishment. To top it off they have retro arcade games, so those of you who love retro arcade games like Galaga, PacMan, and more will love this place!

Check out their Facebook page here >  Jonesy’s Escape by Coffee Shop of Horrors

Check out this video we found from a couple years back of their first location by Fox 35 Orlando and let us know your thoughts.

Video Source – Fox 35 Orlando

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** Source – Jonesy’s Escape by Coffee Shop of Horrors

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