Strange And Creepy The Paranormal A Terrifying Look Back At The Gary Indiana Demon House

A Terrifying Look Back At The Gary Indiana Demon House

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The Gary Indiana Demon House 

The History of the Gary Indiana Demon House

The Gary Indiana Demon House is a notorious haunted house located in Gary, Indiana. The house gained national attention in 2014 when Latoya Ammons, the mother of three children, claimed that her family was being tormented by demons. The story quickly went viral, and the house became known as the “Demon House.”

However, the history of the Demon House goes back much further than Latoya Ammons’ claims. The house was built in the early 1900s and has had a long and troubled history. Over the years, it has been the site of numerous tragedies, including suicides, murders, and accidental deaths.

In the 1930s, the house was owned by a doctor who was rumored to have performed illegal abortions in the basement. It’s said that the spirits of these unborn babies still haunt the house to this day. In the 1950s, the house was purchased by a family who reported strange occurrences, including objects moving on their own and disembodied voices.

By the time the Ammons family moved into the house in 2011, it was already known as a hotbed of paranormal activity. However, what they experienced during their stay was unlike anything anyone had ever seen before. The events that took place in the Demon House are still shrouded in mystery, but one thing is certain: the house is one of the most haunted places in America.

Strange Occurrences and Unexplained Phenomena

As we delve deeper into the history of the Gary Indiana Demon House, it becomes clear that strange occurrences and unexplained phenomena have plagued this property for years. Witnesses have reported hearing disembodied voices, seeing shadowy figures, and experiencing sudden drops in temperature. Some have even claimed to have been physically attacked by an unseen force.

One particularly disturbing incident involved a nurse who was visiting the house to care for one of the family members. As she was leaving, she felt a strong force push her down the stairs, causing her to break her ankle. Another witness reported seeing a young girl levitating above her bed, while others have heard growling and scratching noises coming from within the walls.

These strange occurrences have been documented by numerous witnesses and investigators over the years, leading many to believe that there is something truly sinister at work within the walls of the Gary Indiana Demon House. Despite attempts to explain away these phenomena as hoaxes or hallucinations, the sheer number of reports and the consistency of the experiences suggest that there is something truly otherworldly happening here.

Zak Bagans And The Paranormal Investigations

As the strange occurrences in the Gary Indiana Demon House continued to escalate, it became clear that an investigation was necessary. The family living in the house had already contacted multiple religious figures for help, but none had been successful in stopping the paranormal activity.

In 2012, the family contacted Zak Bagans, host of the television show Ghost Adventures, to investigate the house. Bagans and his team spent several days in the house, documenting their experiences with various pieces of equipment and conducting interviews with the family and neighbors.

During their investigation, the team experienced a number of unsettling events, including feeling sudden cold spots, hearing unexplained noises, and witnessing objects moving on their own. They also captured footage of what appeared to be a figure standing at the top of the stairs, as well as a voice saying “hey” in response to one of their questions.

After the investigation, Bagans arranged for a Catholic priest to perform an exorcism on the house. The exorcism reportedly lasted for several hours, during which time the priest claimed to have felt a negative presence in the house. However, despite the exorcism, the paranormal activity continued.

Since then, the house has been demolished, but the mystery surrounding the Gary Indiana Demon House remains. Some believe that the house was cursed from the beginning, while others speculate that it was built on a Native American burial ground. Whatever the cause, the events that took place in the house continue to haunt those who were involved in the investigation and those who followed the story.

Documentary Film On The Demon House?

Zak bought the house to film his documentary filmmaking on demons. His demon documentary was set to be released in the fall of 2015 and was supposed to be pretty intense. There were too many things that went wrong on and off the set. Most of the footage was scrapped but then the some of the lost footage emerged.

Check out that video here >>>  GARY, INDIANA DEMON HOUSE DESTROYED! 

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27 thoughts on “A Terrifying Look Back At The Gary Indiana Demon House”

  1. So much promotional bull.
    There is a bush covering the window when they visit, but no bush in sight in the picture. Bushes don’t grow at such an excelerated rate. That assuming the fire was only a few months before the team wentvto visit.
    Ghost boxes have been debunked, yet they are increasing in popularity.
    No place is truly haunted. Just in people’s minds. Time to grow up people. Ghosts and demons are no more real than the tooth fairy, the easter bunny, or Jesus.

    1. Dear Joe,

      I would like to debate all of these oddities with you…that you don't believe in them you are entitled to your opinion…but to come out to actually state that these "things" do not exist is going a bit too far.

      There are plenty of evidences, proofs, tests, analysis, interviews…that everything exist in this dimension, and depending on how you are they can spook you or not..I am not afraid of them but I have been chased, tried to be possessed, you can only name the few…but why I have been confident, fearless is because first and foremostly I am a thorough Catholic and a most Holy Lady's devotee…I do pray the rosary every day, bless myself with holy water, burn candles and myrrh incences…and do have a blessed cross around my neck…Jesus is the son of God and he exists the young Lion of Judah…Easter bunnies exist in both sides…Easter (and the Playboys bunnies) and there is no toothfairies but all the same there are witches/warlocks that defy all avenues of senses…there are other stuff…that the paranormal states…there are demons, like there are angels,,,and yes there are HAUNTED HOUSES, MANSIONS, CASTLES, PLACES, HIGHWAYS, PALACES…anywhere one can find humans that were living..and there are more than it meets the eye…if you are so sured I DEFY YOU TO STAY ONE NIGHT IN A HAUNTED HOUSE…you will not last a couple of hours much less staying the night…others tried..they are now in a mental asylum and is a true story…

      thank you for your time…energy and unbelief…it was nice speaking and debating with you…now is the time for yourself to prove to yourself that there's no haunted houses…looking forward to hear the results of your staying night at the haunted house…cheers





      1. Catholic religion is a man made religion. Catholics r the ones who invented the Exorcist. Also priest r pedophiles. it's evil to pray to statues also. Also Catholics r hypocrites.

      2. Filaments – "if you are so sured I DEFY YOU TO STAY ONE NIGHT IN A HAUNTED HOUSE…you will not last a couple of hours much less staying the night…others tried..they are now in a mental asylum and is a true story…" . Are you talking about a specific haunted house or do you mean any HH will do? I would gladly take you up on this challenge even though there doesn't seem to be any kind of incentive to do so. 

        Do you have any kind of evidence supporting your claim that people have ended up in an asylum due to spending the night in a "haunted house"?  I've seen that claim made dozens of times about some haunted place or another yet no one has offered even a shred of evidence backing their claims.


    2. I have recorded EVP accidentally in my own house. It was very eirie and spooked me out. I was recoording the dining area with my iPhone while I was lying down on the couch in the living room. I heard or saw nothing while recording – however, when I played the vidieo back on my computer I could hear shuffling on the desk in the dining room and a womans voice very softly speak that said "sam". My wife even heard it and was shocked. So yeah, something is DEFINATLEY here with us that is unexplainable. 

      1. Its things like that that make it unbelievable. Your laying on your couch filming you dinning room? That already tells me there is something wrong with you.

    3. Seriously? You expect others to pay attention to you proselytizing when all you do is demean their opinions? YOU MUST BE A LIBERAL!!!!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

    4. You about as sharp as a bowling ball. I feel for you, I can personally attest to demons being VERY REAL, I have seen, felt, heard and been drug down by one for 3/4ths of my life now. But u keep living in ignorance. Enjoy the flesh stripped from your back when you pass

  2.  It is called Nuclear Power, It is real events that usually result in a fire of some sort that stops it due to depletion of nuclear authority. We have been making films since the time of the original movie "The Exoricist" which involve sites, and footage of Nuclear Power events. They are the result of nuclear war strike. Not all nuclear strikes have big huge mushroom clouds. Some types only exhibit chain lightning instead of the cloud. Like the weather much?

    1. I have a thrice MENSA tested IQ of 144, and I can tell you from first hand ecperience that you're wrong, but hey, 'you' haven't experienced anything, so no one else has. Right.

      1. mshaune – MENSA testing a high IQ doesn't have anything at all to do with belief in the paranormal. 

        Just making the claim that you've seen or experienced something doesn't mean anything at all. If there's no evidence to back you up all you've got is a personal story that people have no reason to believe.

  3. Just call an or text me info bout haunted places or anything here in lafayette, IN my # is 7656078736 please an thank u cuz i wont be gettin bak on here for awhile an u can call or txt anytime of i dnt answer just leave a voicemail along wit a # but its best 2 txt me cuz im usually takin care of my kids since i am a single mom of 4 children an at hospital wit my 4yr old cuz were going thro surgery rite now cuz she has a really bad dog bite on her face an nose 

  4. The spirits that live in houses are real.  My daughter and I have had the unfortunate pleasure to live in TWO haunted houses…one is Kenosha, Wisconsin and one in Plainfield, IL.

    In the Kenosha house, I would hear a voice say, "don't go down there"…down into the basement.  I would ignore it because the laundry was down there.  Well, when I got down in the basement…thats when it got creepy.  I would be standing by the washing machine putting clothes in…and a small figure would almost tap me on the try and get my attention.  It happened mutiple times when I would go to do laundry.

    Then, another time, I had a friend over.  We were hanging out in the family room downstairs, talking….and all of a sudden, I heard a loud "crashing" sound like glass had just broken all over the floor in the dining room across the hall.  I heard it loud and clear and as plain as day but DID NOT say anything to my friend.   About ONE MINUTE later, my friend says to me, "Did you hear that?"  I said, "YES," Iheard that and said to my friend,  "YOU heard that too?"  My friend said, "Yes."  I began to tell my friend that I thought there was something in the house, something that did not want us there, somethingI did not like.  My friend said to have the house blessed.  I told her I'm not going that far..".MY DAUGHTER AND I ARE MOVING OUT!"  We left a few weeks later.

    Before the Kenosha house, we lived in a house in Plainfield, Illinois.  It was and old farm house that had been fixed up and had a HUGE yard.  We liked the house cause it was big and had a lot of land and was private.  Well, we had lived there for about 4 months…and I started to notice a few strange things…sometimes a weird shadow or strange noise.  One morning, my daughter was getting ready for school and was getting her jacket out of the closet.  I was in the other room doing something.  All of a sudden I heard my daughter SCREAM a loud and unfamiliar scream…a scream I had never heard before.  I came running over to her to find out what the heck was going on.  i asked her, "what are you screaming about/" My daughter says to me, " A mean voice just said my name."  I said, " whats do you mean a MEAN voice said your name?'  She said again, "A mean voice said my name..and it was a deep voice that said my name."  I said, "Oh great, so demon crap is in this house."  Another night, I was sitting downstairs, watching TV.  All of a sudden, I heard a marble or what sounded like a marble rolling across the bathroom floor upstairs.  I go upstairs into the bathroom, to find this marble…NO marble.   We eventually moved out and then the house was burned down and the owner set up a business where the home was.

  5. The demon house has long been demolished, it’s gone, I saw it on a YouTube video some months ago but how much do you want to bet that the land underneath it is still haunted, there’s something wrong with that soil no doubt

  6. Before the movie Amityville. Horror, no one had ever heard a ghost say “get out” now they all do. Before “Poltergeist” people had no one ever knew that ” Ancient Indian burial grounds” were so taboo, yet nearly every thing built on American soil is built on human remains. I believe in ghost but I don’t believe hardly any of the. BS I see on at of those tv shows. Week after week on demand they capture voices, someone gets scratched, etc. Right

  7. Dr Mike Heiser has a really cool Bible Study called The Unseen Realm. It’s not about religion. What he has done has studied ancient languages and cultures and then read in the original languages what they have to say about “things that go bump in the night!” This is a phenomenon that dates back to very early cultures. He even quotes the Dead Sea Scrolls which were an anazing find regardless of religious afilliation. Gary Bates also has a cool Documentary called “Alien Intrusion: unmasking a deception” that is backed by miltary files.

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