Fortezza Medica – The Restaurant Inside An Active High Security Prison

A New Take On Prison Food

We’ve been showcasing some pretty interesting places to eat and stay at, but this one is as unique and scary as it gets. Italy’s Fortezza Medica is an active prison with a real life guards and prisoners, it’s also has a restaurant.

Wait what?

When you go to the prison you’re set up in a mock trial and then sentenced. They take everything you have and then send you down a long corridor by a guard. Then you sit at a table and you’re given plastic utensils for your meal.


The meals are prepared by the prisoners and your dinner entertainment is a pianist who is serving life for murder. Talk about a pretty scary dinner if you ask us, or is it? Good luck trying to get into the location. It’s booked up months in advance and it’s only open a handful of days a year. After dinner the fun doesn’t stop, you can actually watch a theater performance that is put on by the prisoners, talk about a slamming good time.

Interested in checking this place out? You can see their site here > Fortezza Medica

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