Strange And Creepy Odd News An Inside Look At The Netflix Horror Movie Written By Bots

An Inside Look At The Netflix Horror Movie Written By Bots

An Inside Look At The Netflix Horror Movie Written By Bots post thumbnail image

The Netflix Horror Movie Written By Bots

In early October, Netflix unleashed its horror movie written by bots. Rewind back 10 years ago, just the thought of something like this would be horrifying, now it’s a reality. Although the movie isn’t a masterpiece or anything of that nature. It was created by a bot that had watched over 400,000 hours of horror movies. The end result was its own horror movie by the name of ‘Mr. Puzzles Want You To Be Less Alive’.

“Do you want to be a gamer,” Mr. Puzzles asks. 

“Do not kill me please,” says one victim, “I have several families.”

While some of the dialogue makes you scratch your head, the whole thing is a mess but rather entertaining. The frightening part is that we have robots writing our movies now. In about 10 years or so, robots will be doing everything, so where does that leave us at? Check out the full video below and let us know what you think.

Video Source – Netflix Is A Joke

The Horror Movie Written By Robots

It’s obvious that the robot had a little bit of a Saw influence. Over 400,000 hours and that’s what it drew its inspiration from. It’s interesting to think about how a robot could create a horror movie like this. Even though it’s still a new concept and the science behind is still new. I think it’s something that we will see a lot more from in the future. what do you think about it?

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