A Look At One Of The Most Decorated Christmas Houses On The East Coast

The Most Decorated Christmas House When it comes to Christmas decorations, one Pennsylvanian home is no strange to intense displays. The Peckville Christmas house has been spreading joy and the Christmas spirit to the Peckville, Pennsylvania area for some time now. They have an amazing

Some Christmas Traditions Come Straight Out Of A Horror Movie

The Christmas Cat Straight Out Of A Horror Movie When most of us think of Christmas, the last thing you would think of is something scary. Well, if you grew up in Iceland or have family from Iceland you may have heard of the Christmas

You Can Stay At The Christmas Story House This Christmas

Stay At The Christmas Story House We are about 3 years away before the classic Christmas movie ” A Christmas Story” hits 40 years. For many of us, this movie has been a part of our Christmas past times. Some of us have fond family

Entire Sunken Medieval Village Is Slowly Emerging From This Italian Lake

Entire Sunken Medieval City Is Slowly Emerging From This Italian Lake With the earth going through significant changes, some brought by humans and others brought by nature itself. There are many locations in the world with hidden secrets. One of these places is thought to

You’ll Be Able To Step Inside A Van Gogh Painting In This Fully Immersive Experience

Lume Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit The Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields is excited about opening their new Van Gogh exhibit. The exhibit pays tribute to one of the most influential painters of all time, Vincent Van Gogh. The event which is called “Lume” brings

A Look At The Horror Movie Disney Quietly Launched In The Movies

The Empty Man 20th Century Studios launched a horror movie last month that many didn’t even know about. They launched the trailer for the movie just 1 week prior to the release date. The movie was pushed back so many times because of delays with

Sit Back And Enjoy A Look Back At Freeforms Halloween Haunted Road Drive-Thru

Freeforms Haunted Road Drive-Thru A few months ago, many of us were wondering if we would have any kind of Halloween this year. Then little by little, different places started coming up with genius ideas in order to keep Halloween alive while keeping people safe.

Reese’s Robotic Door Will Deliver Free King Size Reese’s To Your Home This Halloween

Reese Halloween Robot This year has been a mess and it left many wondering what would happen to Halloween. Well, Reese’s is here to save the day with their Reese’s door deliver robot. Yes, it’s a robot that looks like a door that will deliver

You & Your Friends Can Rent A Private AMC Theater For $99 & Watch Movies

When the pandemic hit, we all knew that places like movie theaters were going to suffer. After months in lockdown and spikes in cases, the theater industry seems to be partially doomed. Well now AMC is trying to come up with creative ways in order

Man Turns His Alexa Into Skull And It’s Something Out Of A Horror Movie

The Alexa Skeleton For those of you who are horror fanatics, you’re probably wondering where you can get one of these. A tech wizard has found a way to turn his Amazon Alexa into a talking skull. The skeleton head also has unblinking eyes that