Strange And Creepy Strange and Unexplained Zak Bagans And Crew Became ill During “Conjuring Home” Investigation

Zak Bagans And Crew Became ill During “Conjuring Home” Investigation

Zak Bagans And Crew Became ill During “Conjuring Home” Investigation post thumbnail image

Demons Or Something Else?

So by now you all have heard that the Ghost Adventures crew investigated the real-life house that inspired the movie “ The Conjuring” by now. It’s the Rhode Island home of the Perron family, whose terrifying experiences provided movie makers with the inspiration of the 2013 horror movie.

Ghost adventures lead investigator Zak Bagans said he fell ill after investigating the house. He said he was sick for over 3 weeks and that his body wasn’t right at all mentally or physically. And that whatever entity it Is in the home is an ancient and very powerful one. So why would anyone want to buy this home? That’s a good question…. The infamous home reached its peak in the early 1970’s when the Perron family had a slew of very scary poltergeist activity.

They ended up getting the help of renowned paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren to help get rid of the malicious entities that were inside of the home. Some say those entities really didn’t go anywhere, they just laid dormant for a while.

Some are saying that the investigation opened up a new portal for these entities to come through, and that we are now only just starting to see the full power of these things. There are those that say that Zak Bagan’s is just saying these things to get more people to watch his shows.

We enjoy the show and all the specials they put out, and have also experienced some very creepy things in certain locations. So we know that entities and creepy things can physically and mentally effect you. But would go into that house and try to see if anything is in there or would you leave it alone?

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