A Terrifying Inside Look At The Most Haunted House In The USA

The Most Haunted House In The USA

The Sallie house has been called the most haunted house in the USA. This wasn’t by just anyone, it was called that by experts in the paranormal field. The vast amounts of reports and strange things going on here are enough to fill a book.
The house is named after the ghost of a little girl by the name of “Sallie”. Supposedly she was a real person, but some people think that there’s an entity pretending to be her. Some say that the entity pretending to be a little girl is the cause of most of the problems. 
It could be that the entity is actually a demon that disguises itself as a child to gain attention from the living. Could it actually be a little girl, or could it be something else?
Who knows… What is known is that whoever walks into this place has some type of creepy experience while visiting.

Want to know more about this place? Check out their site here > Sallie House

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The Sallie House – The Most Haunted House In The USA

In this video, you’ll see a full investigation of the house 

For more information on the Sallie house check out >> http://www.thesalliehouse.com

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  1. My family and I lived there for 2 years and nothing much happend, my kids say they saw and heard a couple things but I didn't.. So yeah pay me I will stay the night… lol…

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