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The Haunted Stanley 

The Stanley hotel is located in Estes Park, Colorado and is an amazing sight to see both from outside and from within. The Stanley and its creepy stories helped to inspire Stephen King’s “The Shining”.  There were certain parts of the movie that are similar to the story itself. The ballroom, ghostly music, strange smells and sounds, etc. The creepiest part is that most of these things are said to have happened in real life. 

Colorado’s Most Haunted Hotel 

Some guests have seen kids playing in hallways that simply vanish into thin air. Others have seen ghosts in hallways and in some of the rooms. What’s holding these ghosts back, why stay so attached to one place?

Could it be the experience within the hotel made it an unforgettable experience, one that they would probably want to experience again? Could this be the reason why these ghosts have stayed behind or come back?

What’s your thought on this? Anyways, the Stanley is a really cool place to visit, if you haven’t checked it out by now you really need to! 

Check out this video we found by Taylyn Rose and let us know your thoughts.

Have you ever wanted to stay at the hotel like this? 

Check out their site here for hotel information and accomdations >>>>>


3 thoughts on “This Haunted Hotel Is Stephen King’s Inspiration For The Movie “The Shinning””
  1. I would most definitely stay there it doesn’t seem spooky to me but to my brother he would be scared same with my mom but not my step dad

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