Calico Ghost Town

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Calico Ghost Town 

Calico ghost town is located in a small isolated area in California, it was a very popular place during the late 1800's, the reason being is that it became famous for becoming the largest silver strike in California history. It eventually produced around $20,000 million dollars in silver ore over a 10 year period. The problem came when silver lost a bunch of it's value, so with the loss of silver the town started slowly diminishing until it became Calico the ghost town

The town sat for decades in disrepair and eventually in the 1950's a man by the name of Walter Knott purchased the town and restored almost all of the buildings back to way they looked back in the 1800's. 

Calico Ghost Town History 

The problem was that the town wasn't all the way deserted, after the repairs and restorations took place, many visitors reported seeing and hearing a bunch of strange things. Sounds were coming from the long abandoned mines, some of the stores and building had frequent activity which is still going on until this very day. 

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The Town That Walt Built, Calico Ghost Town 

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