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This SFX Artist Creates Horror Masks For The Pandemic

Horror Masks There aren’t very many spots in the world where the effects of the virus haven’t been felt. The world has been practicing social distancing, and during that time many have found creative ways to help out. In this case SFX specialist Rene Aberlardo

These Awesome L.A. Homes Look Like They Come Straight Out Of a Fairy-tale

The Storybook Homes Of The Rich Los Angeles, California is home to the rich and powerful. When you visit Los Angeles you never know what you’re going to see. When it comes to the homes in the Los Angeles area, you also never know what

5 Classic Monster Themed Restaurants Every Horror Fan Must Visit

Monster Themed Restaurants Looking to take a trip to some horror-themed or classic horror-themed restaurants? We looked far and wide for some of the coolest places on the planet horror fans can go and feel at home at. We ended up finding a cool video

Lost And Completely Alone In The Paris Catacombs

The Paris Catacombs The city of Paris, France needed a suitable place to put its dead, so they went to the tunnels moving bodies from cemeteries 5 stories underground. The entire project took around 12 years to move all of the bones, the approximate count

You Can Now See What The Hubble Telescope Saw On Your Birthday

One of NASA’s most celebrated achievements was launching the Hubble telescope into space. The Hubble allows us to see into space like never before, even beyond our galaxy. Now you’re able to see what the telescope is able to see on your birthday. The Nasa

There’s Going To Be A Smiley Face In The Night Sky This Weekend

The Night Sky Smiley Face If you’re feeling down and depressed and need a smile to pick you up, just look up. This weekend a smiley face will light up the night sky, well depending on where you’re at and if it’s going to rain

This Amusement Park Is Located 400 Feet Underground In A 17th Century Salt Mine

Salina Turda Theme Park Forget the Disney parks, this is a one of kind type of place. An amusement park that’s located 400 feet underground in a 17th century salt mine. Yeah you heard it right, it’s an amazing and yet sort of frightening location

This Horror Groups Weekly Live Stream Will Bring Halloween And Horror To Your Home

Phantasmagoria If you’re a fan or ours, you probably love all things related to Halloween and Horror. Well today we are here to give you a treat for those of you looking for creepy things to check out. The horror troupe Phantasmagoria is going to

You Can Explore This Harry Potter Hogwarts Digital Escape Room

Hogwarts Escape Room For those of you who love Harry Potter and the entire magical series, you’re in for a treat today. A librarian by the name of Sydney Krawiec from McMurray, PA created this digital escape room. It only takes about 10 minutes to

10 Gothic Black Flowers You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

The Goth Garden In nature, flowers pop up in just about any color you can think of except black. The problem is that the pigments that flowers push out to color their petals simply just don’t produce black. However,  flowers can be developed and one of