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Chingle Hall | Haunted England 

England’s Chingle Hall is said to be the most HAUNTED location in all of England. Located in Whittingham Township close to Preston, The 760-year-old hall is said to harbor countless spirits. Numerous people were murder around these grounds because of their beliefs. It was used as a place of worship during the time of Catholic reformation. 

  Strange symbols have been found etched inside of the hall. Some believe these to be the work of occultists and satanist groups. There are those who said the hall has served as a place of evil during the late 1960’s. Check out the video we found below by Ritascott1 and let us know your thoughts! 

Video Source – Youtube – Ritascott1 

The Most Haunted Hall In England?

With so much death and despair, do you think it attracts other entities? Could there be a void of negative energy attracting certain negative beings? Or could it just be the echos of the past? Chingle is said to have at least 16 different ghosts. Who knows if there are a lot more roaming the halls that haven’t made their presence known yet.

What are your thoughts?

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