An Inside Look At The Most Credible Ghost Photos Of All Time

The Most Credible Ghost Photos Ever Taken

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We’ve all seen some pretty crazy photographs at some point in time or another. The problem is that we don’t know if these photos are real or not. The ones that are usually real are the ones that are really old. Most of the time, old photos that were taken in a time before Photoshop are more than often real. They come from a time when manipulating photos wasn’t as easy as it is now. There’s still some speculation around whether these photos are real or not. However, the location where some of these photos come from speaks for itself. Check out the video below and let us know what you think.

The Most Famous Ghost Photos of All Time

SOURCE – UltimateFantasyPrimo

Real Proof Of Ghosts And The Paranormal 

In this day and age where most of us have cell phones or some kind of recording device. It has become a lot easier to capture things that we see. The problem is that with so many editing programs and devices, it’s hard to tell what is real. However, I think we are starting to see more true when it comes to the paranormal these days. Have you ever captured something that isn’t supposed to exist?

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  1. These mostly are real, such as the one at Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery of the Gray Lady sitting at a bench. She took 2 photos in a row. Showing up in only one and ghe negative had the same image. Impossible to copy on a negative without giving it away it was tampered with!

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